Teaching in China

Teach-in-ChinaTeaching English in China is such a wonderful thing to do in your life. From finishing off your TEFL course, to packing your suitcase, jetting off and landing right here in China for the first time – you’ll never have such a big feeling of achievement than when you first step foot in China and think ‘Yes! I’ve done it!’

Living and teaching in China is a fantastic experience for many reasons and each person will give you a different answer about why teaching in China has been an amazing life choice for them. Leaving your house each morning and walking out onto the street to the hustle and bustle of Asia’s most populous country never gets boring and is a massive hit to the senses. Teaching English in China (or subject teaching), gives you a brilliant platform to live in a foreign country and do what you do best – educate others.

Whether you want to come to China for just one or two years to experience a different way of life, put something unique on your CV, learn a new language (Chinese Mandarin is now very sought after in the west), teaching as a way of travelling, or as a more long-term career change, China is a brilliant choice to be a teacher. You can send your CV here to start the ball rolling.

Right now, China has the most English teaching vacancies and subject teaching vacancies of any country in the world. As a job hunter, China is a brilliant place to look for jobs and to land a job which really suits you. The economy of China is thriving, jobs are plentiful and your skills as a qualified, native-speaking teacher have never been in more demand. If you are a native-speaker, or near-native speaker, with a degree and a teaching qualification such as a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA, then you are pretty much guaranteed an excellent teaching job in China. To send your CV and start the application process, then click here.

Inside a Chinese school, you’ll find Chinese students a joy to teach. They are intelligent, respectful, very keen to lean and also very keen to learn about you! They’ll have lots of questions for you about what it was like to grow up in your country and you’ll enjoy teaching English in China very much. Also, there is no need to speak Chinese to teach as you’ll have assistants for all of your very low-level classes and help from great colleagues.

In your free time, explore the city, try the famous Chinese food, master the use of chopsticks, or hit the many world-class shopping malls, bars and clubs. If you want to get away from it all, take a trip up into the mountains to experience the fantastic landscapes and wildlife of China.

Living and teaching in China is an amazing adventure and you’ll certainly have no regrets. We have hundreds of teaching vacancies in China every month, so get in touch with us today and we can answer any questions you may have and we’ll also send over our free Teaching in China PDF. Getting a teaching job in China has never been so easy!

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