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IELTS Academic Writing Task 1: Explaining rises and falls

In the IELTS Academic Writing Part 1, you will be asked to look at and interpret some kind of visual data such as a graph or table. IELTS candidates then need to write around 150 words about what the data represents and what they can see happening. 
Being able to explain the data with clearly and with accuracy is the key to getting a Band Score of 6 and above. There is special language you will need to know and use in order to do this well.
Many Chinese students fall flat on their face with the writing part of the IELTS test and often assume that because their English education so far has mainly been written that they can spend less time learning how to write IELTS answers adequately. This can have disasterous effects on their overall IELTS score. 
One common type of graph which is found in IELTS Writing Part 1 is a line graph. IELTS candidates need to be able to discuss what is happening over time in the graph and use appropriate language to discuss how the line is behaving. 
For example, the IELTS candidate may say something like this: 
"The number of people applying for teaching jobs in China began to rise in 2014, but saw a decrease in 2015".
A better answer would have been:
"The number of people applying for teaching jobs in China in 2014 saw a sharp rise but saw a steady decrease in 2015." 
IELTS candidates need to paint a very clear picture of what is happening in the graph in the Academic Writing Task 1 and discuss rises and falls with confidence and fluency. In order to do this, your IELTS student will need to be using quality verbs adverbs in their written answers....declined, bottomed out, sharply, dramatically, gradually, etc. 
Download the free Academic Writing Task 1 worksheet on rises and falls below. 
by Stuart Allen
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