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IELTS Academic Reading: The 11 Different Reading Task Types

In the IELTS Academic Reading Test, candidates will be given three different reading texts. The texts which your students need to read in the IELTS exam are authentic texts taken from a variety of sources such as newspapers, magazines, journals and the like. They have been written with the general reader in mind, and should be interesting to students looking to study in English speaking countries.

To download the 11 Different IELTS Reading task types PDF, scroll to the bottom of this page.

40 Questions over 60 Minutes (40 Marks)

From these three texts together, IELTS candidates must answer 40 questions and are given 60 minutes to finish all 40 questions. If they run out of time, then that's just tough luck, so your students should practice doing IELTS reading tests and practice finishing all 40 questions in 60 minutes. Questions all carry one mark and so the maximum score IELTS candidates can get for the IELTS Reading section is 40.

The IELTS Reading Test is NOT Meant to Confuse
At least one of the reading passages contains a some kind of logical argument. Reading passages may have visual materials such as graphs, illustrations, drawings or tables. If the reading text has vocabulary which is a little technical, then a small glossary to help the reader is given. The IELTS Reading test is not designed to confuse or purposely trip up your students.

Transfer Answers to the IELTS Answer Sheet

IELTS candidates can scribble their answers on paper if they want during the test, but by the end of the 60 minutes, all their answers should be transferred onto the official IELTS Reading answer sheet provided to them. If only half has been transferred, well...you can guess what happens.
Your students should be careful when writing their answers as spelling and grammar mistakes will be counted! 

The 11 Different IELTS Reading Task Types
In general, the three reading passages your students will need to do in the test can be taken from 11 different reading task types. It is unusal for you students to have two of the same IELTS reading task type on their IELTS reading test, but can instead expect to have three different types of IELTS reading task. Make sure your IELTS students get a lot of practice in which each task type so that they will be well practiced and comfortable with all 11 IELTS Reading Test task types on the day.

by Stuart Allen
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