Middle School jobs in Chengdu and Chongqing

Job Type Full Time
Location Chengdu and Chongqing area
Area Chongqing, AllSichuan, All
Sector Public School jobs
Salary 8,000-9,000RMB/month + free housing
Start Date March and September every year
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Middle School teaching Jobs in Sichuan and Chongqing China

RAY English Recruitment
has partnered with one of the top Chinese recruitment agencies for public schools in China, Sea Dragon Education, to bring you a host of quality middle school teaching positions in the Chengdu and Chongqing areas. We can now help you to find English teaching positions in middle schools in Sichuan Province and Chongqing.

You'll be teaching English to Chinese students (aged 12-16 years) in some of Chengdu's most elite middle schools, where top-ranking primary school students have been sent to. These middle schools in Chengdu are excellent to teach in. Chinese middle schools consistently rank in the Top 5 in the world for academic achievement and high grades in their students. You'll find your students respectful, interested in you as a foreign teacher coming to China and keen to learn and improve their English.

See a video of what the Chengdu and Chongqing areas are like

What is teaching in a Chinese Middle School like?

Chinese middle schools are quite large and are most probably bigger than the middle school you went to in your own country many years ago. Each year, or Grade, will have around 5-7 different class groups (for example Grade 3 Class 5), and each class may have between 45-65 students per class. This often means that a middle school in China has thousands of students. 

Foreign teachers in middle schools in China often have around 20 class periods per week, maybe two classes in the morning and three classes in the afternoon, and will be teaching a different class for each of these periods. This may mean that you'll be seeing 20 different classes in your week.

Their main English classes will be taken by their local Chinese teachers who will focus on reading skills and grammar awareness; the foreign teachers are the highlight of the week for Chinese middle school students where they can practice their speaking skills with you, as well as listen to English songs, work on their pronunciation with you and play good language games in class, which Chinese teachers are often to shy to do.

What are the benfits of teaching so many classes in public schools in China?

One of the biggest benefits of teaching a large number of classes in one week is your prep time. Imagine on Monday you are teaching English to five different classes of Grade 2 students, then you'll only need one lesson plan. Lesson plan in a new TEFL warmer for that week, do a few pages in their text book, finish with a language game and then your 45 minute class is a wrap. You can then use the same plan for the next class. Lesson planning for public school classes in China is always super fast and very stress-free. 

You can always save your best teaching actvities, games and warmers in a folder on your computer, and the night before class have a quick look and then roll with a few good ideas for the whole week. 

Lots of free time teaching at middle schools in China

Middle schools in Chengdu and Chongqing (and around all of China) run from Monday to Friday, usually about 8.30am-5pm. You'll never be asked to work at weekends, meaning you can enjoy your weekends to the full, or just have a really good lie in! You'll also not be teaching in the evening like in private language centre jobs in China, so come sun down you can be putting up your feet at home. 

The very best thing about teaching public schools in China is the holiday time you'll receive; two months in summer and at least six weeks in winter. Want to travel extensively around China and Asia during your China teaching experience? Then teaching public school jobs in China is the way for you! 

How will you be treated as a foreign English teacher in a China middle school?

In short, very well! For many middle school students, you may be the very first non-Chinese person they have ever come into close contact with. They'll be keen to say 'Hallo!' to you in the playground each time you walk through and you'll always be mobbed by smiling children asking you questions and trying to help you. Don't be surprised to have them trying to touch your hair to see what it feels like! 

For the other teachers in your school, they'll be exceptionally accomodating for you and will go out of their way to help you. You may find that some are shy at first, but this is usually due to their lack of English in many cases (most aren't English teachers themselves, but maths or Chinese teachers) and they don't want to look bad. These natural barriers will eventually come down and you'll find yourself being invited to both dinners and private family dinners very often. English teachers will often be stopping by to ask your advice about how to teach different grammar points or if you have any good ideas to share. They'll also ask about your life back home often and will take every chance to practice their own English with you. In turn, you can start learning Chinese from them! You'll be a respected and key member of the academic team.

When do the middle school jobs in China begin?

Middle school jobs in China follow a tradional acedemic year with all starting in September going around until the beginning of January and then commencing for a second semester or term from around the end of February until the end of June. 

This means that middle school teaching jobs in China for native-speaking ESL teachers start in either September or the end of February. Try to make your applications at least 8 weeks before the semester is due to start to stand the best chance of landing a middle school position in China. The best bet is actually 12 weeks prior and applying for these middle school jobs 12 weeks before the semester begins will put you in the driving seat for landing these Chengdu amd Chongqing middle school jobs.

Why teach English in a Chinese Middle School in Chengdu and Chongqing?

If you idea of coming to teach English in China is to get as much free time as possible, enjoy really good support here, learn as much Chinese as you can and be teaching middle school-aged children in an authentic environment, then you should consider these jobs.

Often you'll be teaching the kids of prominent people in the community (these are top-ranked middle schools in Chengdu and Chongqing), and so you can develop friendships with the parents and get the opportunity for family dinners and be treated by the family. Networking in China is very important and many public school foreign teachers find that after a few months, opportunities for trips out to nice places with their students' familities begin to emerge. 

You'll be looked after from the very start and will be teaching in lovely middle schools with good facilities. 

Salary Package 

All of our middle schools in Chengdu and Chongqing areas offer an excellent salary for teachers.

You'll have between 20-25 teaching periods per week (45 minutes each) and enjoy plenty of free time. The salary is dependent of teaching periods, but you'll usually end up with between 8,000-9,000RMB per month take home pay. You'll also benefit from free non-shared fully-furnished housing. At the end of the contract you'll receive 5,000RMB bonus to help towards airfare and there'll be an opportunity to re-sign for another year should you love the school and want to stay longer!

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