American Eagle Institute China needs experienced English teacher

Job Type Full Time
Location Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Xiamen, Nanjing, Chengd
Area Beijing, AllGuangdong, AllJiangsu, AllShanghai, AllSichuan, AllZhejiang, AllMultiple locations, China
Job Sector Young Learner jobs
Salary 10,000RMB + housing / 15,800RMB + housing
Start Date Monthly starts
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Job Ref American Eagle
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American Eagle Institute China

A lot of people are looking for adventure when they think about traveling abroad to teach English in China, but when people arrive the stress of the process taxes a lot of people. At American Eagle Institute China, we have found that those who think positively and are able to relax and see the good in a situation are the ones who succeed at teaching English in China. Inside the classroom, a confident attitude and a belief that students are capable of learning and excelling, are the keys to what we look for in our teachers at American Eagle Institute

Who are American Eagle Institute, China?

American Eagle Institute started life in Taiwan and have now entered the mainland China education market with schools in various locations in China. You'll be teaching English to younger students using excellent textbooks by McGraw-Hill and other supplementary resources. Classes are kept small, so you can focus on stdents' language needs and also have the freedom to express yourself as a teacher.

Where are American Eagle Institute Schools?

American Eagle Institute schools can be found in the following locations:

- Shanghai (Pudong district, Hongkou district)
- Shanghai kindergarten (close to Shanghai Zoo - Monday to Friday job)
- Shenzhen
- Guangzhou
- Nanjing
- Dongguan
- Xiamen
- Chengdu
- Xuzhou 

What kind of teachers are American Eagle China looking for?
Unorganized teachers create unorganized students. At American Eagle Institute China, we ideally want a teacher who makes efficient use of their time and moves in a planned and systematic way. This also requires enthusiasm, and an understanding of what motivates students. 

Sometimes a teacher may not have the best planned classes, but their enthusiasm is so infectious that students are easily caught up in it and love the class. Previous experience with children or teaching is also a huge plus, even if it’s coaching or mentoring. A TEFL certificate also shows the candidate is willing to spend money on their own professional development and that they are motivated to get into the field (rather than teaching simply being the sole available way to live into Asia).

American Eagle Institute China
An applicant with a diverse workplace background can show adaptability. Not only does changing countries require adaption, but in teaching itself seldom is one day like the next. Willing to alter plans and directions is a necessity in teaching and in living abroad, especially in China where often things will change ‘last-minute’ by Western standards. 
If not humorous, at least not completely humorless! Teachers are not
comedians, but especially with 3-6 year olds we need teachers who are willing to be a little childish and understand what its like to be a child learning a new language.

American Eagle China
Your Qualifications:

In order to apply at American Eagle Institute, teachers must hold at least a 4-year Bachelor’s degree and have it authenticated by their local Chinese embassy and be TEFL qualified. We accept new teachers in some of our locations, but for Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, teachers will need two years minimum of English teaching experience on their CV.
Nationality: Canadian, American, British, South African, New Zealand, Australian
(Candidates must be a native English speaker)
Benefits Packages at American Eagle Institute

American Eagle Institute has a two-tier salary scheme for teachers depending on your location in China. This is because some cities in China are wildly expensive to live in whereas others are far cheaper to live in. Salaries have been closely calculated to make sure that wherever you choose to work with American Eagle, you'll have about the same standard of living. Jobs with higher salaries won't mean you can afford more. Wherever you work with AE schools, you'll be well-paid and have a great standard of living.

American Eagle Institute China

Salary Package in Nanjing, Dongguan, Xiamen, Chengdu, Xuzhou

Monthly salary: 9,000RMB per month (+ 600RMB/month perfect attendance bonus + 400RMB/month performance bonus)
Meal allowance: 1000RMB/month (keep receipts)
Housing Allowance: up to 3,000RMB (show rental invoice)
Health Insurance: Yes
End of contract bonus: 6,000RMB
Travelling allowance: 3,000RMB per year (show receipts)
Teaching Hours: 25-27 teaching hours per week

Package in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou

Monthly salary: 14,800RMB per month (+ 600RMB/month perfect attendance bonus + 400RMB/month performance bonus)
Meal allowance: 1000RMB/month (keep receipts)
Housing Allowance: up to 4,000RMB (show rental invoice)
Health Insurance: Yes
Full and legal Z-visa (working visa): Yes
End of contract bonus: 6,000RMB
Travelling allowance: 3,000RMB per year (show receipts)
Teaching Hours: 25-27 teaching hours per week

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