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  Young ESL Learners are young children who are just venturing out into the world and learning new things every day. Coming to a language school might be a little frightening for some younger ones, so it is important that you create an environment in the classroom which is fun…
  We all know the drill, role plays are supposed to be an integral part of the way in which we teach English. They are supposed to give the students the chance to practice and ultimately present what they have learnt to you and their peers. So the questions are,…
Well then, you have slogged out your guts and completed your TEFL course (hardest four weeks ever, right?), have applied for English teaching jobs you've found online, sent off your documents and now have been offered an interview for a teaching job. Exciting stuff! But also a little bit scary!…
  Yes, you've received a phone call to come in and teach withno time to prepare your lesson...PANIC!! There can be times when you may needto teach a lesson with no materials. As English teachers, we always strive to plan good lessons, but sometimes things can go wrong on us…
  Let me set the scene for you. A class of sixteen students, ranging in ability from pre-intermediate to advanced and an age range of about 28 – 55, all looking to me, their new teacher, for an expert lesson in Business English. Should I mention that I am also…
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