Halloween Party Activities Pack for Teachers and Schools

Halloween Party Ideas and Activities for Teachers and Schools

Probably the best time for schools around the world, and especially in China, is Halloween. Every October 31st, kids get the chance to paint their faces, wear their scary masks, get dressed up in their Halloween costumes and travel across town to go to the Halloween Party in their school. What better for a child than to play Halloween games with their friends? 

It can be tricky though for teachers in the lead-up to Halloween to think of good Halloween party games and activities which the kids will find fun and varied. It can also be a problem to work out if your Halloween party games might be a little too scary for the younger ones and to make sure that each child is involved. 

At the bottom of this page, you will find a full Halloween Party Games and Activities for Teachers and Schools PDF. It contains good Halloween party game ideas, ways of bringing Halloween fun to your school, some good tips for schools to run a successful Halloween Party and also Halloween craft activities, where the kids can make spooky Halloween crafts to take home to show mum and dad. 

I hope you enjoy this free Halloween pack and please do feel free to share it this Halloween!

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