Active Language Skills Beats Passive Learning: Language Bridge Technology

To become innovative, we need to look at the situation from a new angle, never used before. There are thousands of English Language Training Centers (LTCs) in China using a multitude of different methods for teaching English with a rather limited success. I believe that there are a couple reasons that explain why many Chinese can read and write in English, and few can speak fluently. In my opinion, the reasons are:
1.     LTCs teach English as information to be remembered.
2.    LTCs use passive learning teaching, which is less efficient than modern active learning.
English is not a knowledge set to be memorized
We spend years in school learning a lot of subjects. Schools teach most subjects using textbooks, lectures, notes, memorization and tests. The only problem is that language skills cannot be learned in this way, any more than you can learn to play the guitar or drive a car by reading or even memorizing the instruction manuals.  That is why after learning English for three plus years, you are still not able to communicate in it fluently. English is not a knowledge set to be memorized; rather it is a skill to be acquired by practicing under guided instruction or by using mobile application with the new pedagogy of active learning.

This article is aimed at adults learning English
This article is for adults learning English. Children do not have this problem and acquire any language in their environment subconsciously by forming direct links from images and concepts to words and phrases in the new language. So every language that a child learns becomes native to him. Children preserve this ability until about 12 years of age.
It is hard to persuade teachers that English is a skill to be trained since they believe that the only option for teaching it due to large class size is to lecture about the language.There is a much better solution that I will describe after elaborating on why all conventional methods involve passive learning. 
We only remember about 20% of what we hear 
According to the Learning Pyramid, we remember about 20% of what we hear. Speaking more, by itself, will not improve your vocabulary and grammar; actually, it can make things worse. To acquire language patterns and intuitive grammar - it is not enough to speak because you are just practicing what you already know. Some teachers think that because their learners spend 80% of class time speaking in English, they use active learning method.However, in reality, only one person speaks at a time, and the rest of the class passively listens.
Speaking makes language learning active: multiple use of all skills
The learning becomes active when each learner spends 80% of class time speaking in English. It seems that we have reached a dead end. How on Earth could you have all learners to speak all the time? No conventional method allows for that.
However, the unconventional method called the Language Bridge Technology (LBT) allows exactly this —active training of English skills.  LBT is a perfect combination of modern technology with new pedagogy. It helps learners start speaking English fluently in less than a year. To learn English effectively, it is not enough to read or listen or write or speak – all those skills should be practiced concurrently while a learner understands the context and is emotionally involved in it. 
Speech shadowing and drills
LBT introduces speech shadowing of lessons and drills that all learners wearing headsets, perform at the same time. This allows the brain to remember language patterns and intuitive grammar, and prepare it for thinking and speaking in English. Each learner, using the LBT application, speaks 80% of the time in class about familiar situations and concepts they understand. The application provides support in Mandarin when the learner needs it, but the main experience is in English. 
The application lets learners share recorded sessions with friends or with a teacher. Three types of texts are used in every lesson:
          1. Pre-recorded lessons on various topics and drills, which ensure training of language skills instead of memorizing vocabulary lists or grammar rules.
          2. Lessons added by a learner or a teacher, thus making the application interactive and suited for vocational training.
          3. Inspirational poem recorded by a native speaker, which allows learners to re-enact an understandable situation in English.
Signing up for the online language course
If you want to become fluent in English in less than a year, you may sign up for this online course here
This course offers a stress-free training environment instead of the stressful learning and memorization of the traditional methods. It combines self-paced self-training using the content of the course. For those who want to boost their experience by adding to the course the LBT android application we will provide the link on Alibaba to download it. After downloading it and installing all lessons you may use it anywhere anytime without the need to be connected to the Internet.  
Combine guided learning with self-study through mobile applications
This course is for students and teachers who want to encourage students to combine guided learning with self-study through mobile applications. We offer technical support for teachers implementing active training of EFL using LBT. Learners have access to the course content anywhere, anytime because the course is platform-independent. With this course, the learner starts speaking actively before he or she memorizes the rules of grammar or vocabulary lists. 
You may use this video for speech shadowing: read the text, listen to the recording and speak at the same time. This is the main drill of Active Training of English Skills.

by Arkady Zilberman

Arkady Zilberman

During many years of Arkady’s work as a scientist and simultaneous interpreter, he was trying to find an answer to the question: why do some people like him learn a foreign language easily, whereas most adults have such a hard time learning a foreign language that they simply give up? After many years of experimenting during simultaneous interpretation and doing research on how adults learn foreign languages, Arkady made a few discoveries on his website and in his Amazon Kindle eBook:

Arkady offers the patented Language Bridge Technology for free licensing for the first year to Language Training Centers in China. 


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