Pocket-Sized Chinese Menu to Make and Carry!

Ordering Chinese food in China can be extremely difficult for most people coming to live or travel in China. Whether you are an English teacher living and teaching in China, or you are planning a holiday to China, the chances are that at some point you are going to be very stuck on how to order food.
The problem is that most small to medium-sized restaurants in China (that's about 98% of all restaurants in China) will have no pictures to point at on their menu and no English to read from. Additionally, the waitresses in small Chinese restaurants will not be able to understand any English at all. This makes ordering food in a Chinese restaurant in China very tricky if you don't speak or read Chinese well.
Download our Pocket-Sized Menu to Make and Carry!
We have made a really cool pocket-sized mini-Chinese menu for you to print, make and carry. The mini-menu is free and has all of the main dishes you'll like from rice, noodles, meat dishes, vegetarian choices, spicy food and non-spicy foods as well as beer, tea and other beverages. 
Simply download the free printable pocket-sized menu below, print it, fold it as instructed, and then you'll have a super handy Chinese menu to carry in your pocket, bag, wallet, purse or rucksack!
The menu comes in English, the Chinese next to it to show the waitress and also in pinyin so you can have a go at saying the dishes too if you want. Download the free Chinese menu below and always carry it with you! Job done!

by Stuart Allen
Stuart Allen China

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