11 Things to See and Do in Chongqing

Chongqing is one of the four large municipalities in China, after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. It is the largest city is south-west China. Chongqing is a river port city, where the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers meet. It is also a ‘mountain’ city and a stunning place to live and teach. 
As a traveler, Chongqing is the ideal location, as it has a number of world class tourist spots and also has borders with Hubei and Hunan to the east, Guizhou to the south, Sichuan to the west, and Shaanxi to the north. Besides Han Chinese, which makes up the majority of the population, Chongqing and the surrounding area also has a number of Chinese ethnic groups.
Fun facts about Chongqing
- Chongqing has a large monorail system to get around the city on!
- Newcomers to Chongqing often get lost because of the numerous hills and confusing streets in the city!
- Chongqing was the capital city of China during World War II because the Japanese controlled the east coast of China!
- There is a harbor area in Chongqing called Chaotianmen Harbour which has a large number of interesting and unusual fleamarkets!
11 Great Things to See and Do in Chongqing
#1 - Foreigner Street
This is an entertainment, shopping and amusement park area in Chongqing where foreigners have been encouraged to open shops and bars. Here you can discover an ‘upside-down house’, a church, the world’s largest public toilet (!) and some great people.
#2 - Underground Arcade and Outdoor Beer Gardens
These areas have countless bars and restaurants, and after a long day of teaching, many foreign teachers and ex-pats living in the city will head over for a much needed cold beer and some good Chinese food. A wonderful place to chill out and relax. Very cheap.
#3 - Chongqing Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street
This is the heart of the city and contains a large number of malls, restaurants, hotels, banks, trade, telecommunication services and over 3,500 shops of all kinds. This is the uptown district of the city. At the centre is the tall Peoples Liberation Monument, which commemorates victory in the Sino-Japanese war.

#4 - Ciqikou
This is an ancient port village near to Chongqing which is known as the ‘Porcelain Village’ because porcelain china used to be made and traded from this area. Coming to this village is like stepping back in time to a forgotten China.
#5 - Forest Park Shengdeng
This tranquil forest park full of flora and fauna is located on Shengdeng Mountain, close to Chongqing. It is over 1000m above sea level and it is said that the Ming Emperor, Jing Wen, took refuge up this mountain.
#6 - Yangtze River Cruise
This peaceful cruise will take you through one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. Read a book and take in the stunning local scenery from the water.
#7 - The House of Zhou Enlai
For those interested in history, this will be of particular importance. Zhou Enlai was a senior member of the Communist Party during the days of Chairman Mao. He was a hugely popular man and genuinely tried to help his country at every turn. His former home is now a museum and for a small fee you can go there and see how he lived.
#8 - Chongqing Hot Springs
Deep under Chongqing lies a labyrinth of natural volcanic water systems. These bubble up to the surface, meaning Chongqing has some of the best hot springs anywhere in China. When you aren’t teaching, why not head over to one of the hot springs, immerse yourself in hot volcanic water for the day and ease all those aches and pains away?
#9 - The Yangtze-River Cable Car
For only 5RMB, you can take a cable car over the Yangtze River. The ride gives spectacular views of Chongqing.
#10 - Chongqing Hua Yan Tourist Spot
This is a large temple which includes a Buddhist monastery and a huge golden Buddha. This temple complex is tucked away within a lush valley on a small lake. It is amazingly right in the centre of an urban built-up area of Chongqing.

#11 - Eat Chongqing Hot-Pot
Before Chongqing became a municipality in 1997, it was culturally and geographically part of Sichuan Province and so shares its hot, fiery food. Hotpot is famous and wildly popular all over China, but all people in China recognize Chongqing as being the top place in China for the best hotpot!
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