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About-UsWho are RAY English Recruitment?

RAY English Recruitment stands for ‘Red & Yellow English’, the colours of the Chinese flag!

RAY English is one of China’s premier teacher recruitment agencies, helping thousands of native-speaking teachers to find their perfect job in China each year. What kind of schools does RAY English have? We have a wide choice of teaching jobs for you to choose from. We have full-time positions in private English language centres, such as EF English First, Wall Street English, Meten English, Shane Schools, Kid Castle, Giraffe Schools and many others.

We have a large number of public school positions in primary, middle, high school and also in universities. We have over 700 schools and universities, so whatever your preference of student age and school type, we can find a position just right for you. We also have International School jobs and special program positions like IGCSE and AP programs.

Additionally, these schools are located across all of China, so whether you want to teach kindergarten children in a smaller city, or teach business in a huge city, then we have the right job for you in China. To download our Guide for Teaching English in China click here.

Why should you choose RAY English to deal with my application?

RAY English has been in operation since 2008 and we are the favoured recruitment partners of the majority of schools in China. Schools in China love working with us because we are very fast when dealing with candidate applications, and we ensure that teachers are well-informed during the whole job hunt process and we only pass interested teachers to these schools for consideration.

What this means to you, is that if you apply for jobs through us, then your application takes priority over other teacher applications.

Your application gets dealt with swiftly, you get interviewed as a priority and you land the job. We also speak to our schools on a daily basis and so we know which school has vacancies and when, in addition to having key relationships with HR staff.

If you want a teaching job in China, then RAY English should be your first choice.

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